Being exposed to nature is good for your health

A 2003 study* investigated whether there’s a benefit in being active whilst being directly exposed to nature – they called this ‘green exercise’.

The evidence from this research indicated that being exposed to nature has a positive impact on our health, can help improve stress levels and even help to protect us from future stress. This means that by simply hacking in the great outdoors, you’re positively impacting your health.

Riding can stimulate positive feelings (and rid you of negative ones!)

Research by the University of Brighton and Plumpton College (commissioned by the British Horse Society) found that riding stimulates positive feelings, such as happiness and self esteem, and it can help to address negative feelings associated with anxiety and depression.

You could help to save Britain’s bridleways

In 2026 any UK bridleways that have been wrongly classified, or are not formally recorded on the Definitive Map as a bridleway or restricted byway will be forever scratched from the record books. This means we could potentially lose many of the existing bridleways that help us to ride safety, off the roads. Road that are only getting busier! By exploring new routesand helping to uncover hidden tracks you can help the bridleways and access officers from the British Horse Society (BHS) to secure better, safer riding routes to enjoy for years to come.

It’s free!

Hacking out doesn’t have to cost you a thing. It’s a fun activity you can do with your horse that doesn’t have to cost you a penny. Simply saddle up and head on out the gate.

It’s fun!

Whether you’re alone with your horse or hacking with a friend riding in the countryside is great fun. Enjoy canters along grassy tracks, pop the odd log, explore new routes, perfect your lateral work – the options are endless. Beats going round and round the school right?