What is #Hack1000Miles all about?

If you love to hack and enjoy spending quality time with your horse then #Hack1000Miles is for you! This international campaign, brought to you by the team at Your Horse magazine, has been designed to inspire horse riders everywhere to saddle up and explore the British countryside. The goal? #Hack1000Miles in a year!

How do I sign up?

Brand new for 2022 is our digital tracker. Sign up and create your profile here, and remember to log in and record all your miles after every ride. It’s a really effective way to see your progress plus there’s an overall leaderboard too — so you can see how your fellow challengers are getting on too.

What next?

Start hacking and record the miles you do! It really is that simple.

Where can I get a physical progress tracker to have at home?

You can get your Progress tracker with the May 2022 issue of Your Horse. Your Progress Tracker is a brilliant way to keep track of your progress — you’ll find it really helps to spur you on to get out hacking more.

How should I track my miles?

There are lots of easy ways to record your miles. Use a good old fashioned map and some brain power, input your route using a map pedometer or download an app like Horse Rider SOS or OS Mapfinder that will do the hard work for you (apart from the actual hacking of course!). All of these will help you to track your miles and keep a record. You don’t need to submit your miles anywhere, just keep them safe so that you can see how many miles you’ve done, and how many you’ve got to go.

Will I be in Your Horse magazine?

Please do keep us up to date on your progress. The best way to do this is posting in the Hack 1000 Miles Facebook group or you can email us. We’d love to hear from you. We share inspiring progress stories from your fellow challengers in every issue of Your Horse, as well as online. We also include a challengers picture gallery and a Wall of Fame in every e-newsletter.

What do I get out of it?

Number 1…you and your horse will feel awesome and that, good people, is a reward in itself
Number 2…you’ll be eligible for some awesome prizes. Who doesn’t like to win stuff?!
Number 3… you and your horse could appear in Your Horse. You’ll be stars!
Number 4…the benefits to you and your horse really are endless!
Number 5…you’ll go on to complete an epic challenge that you can be proud of forever

In addition to the points above, one of the truly great things about this challenge is that loads of people are doing it with you. This means that by signing up you’ll automatically become part of a fun and friendly community of people who enjoy doing the same things as you.

You can meet and chat to them online, share tips, share photos and generally just have a laugh together. Who knows, you might even discover a fellow hacker down the road that you never knew existed!