The Swedish Fork

I’ve been using The Swedish Fork to muck out two stables twice a day for the last four years. It’s a shavings fork and it’s lightweight, which makes it very easy to use. It has also proved to be incredibly durable and shows very little signs of wear.

Why I like it

What makes this fork so different compared to others is the ergonomic handle, head and shaft. It’s been designed and developed by horse owners in collaboration with a physiotherapist.

Ease of use
The shape and design make this fork comfortable to hold and reduces the load on your wrist and shoulders. I used to suffer from sore shoulders from mucking out and sitting at a computer all day, but since using this fork this issue is much improved.

Good for posture
I also don’t have stiffness in my lower back anymore, as the long handle encourages you to stand taller and not bend over so much.

It’s one of the most balanced mucking out tools I’ve used. In fact, it’s so easy to use, it almost makes mucking out a pleasure!

Does it do a good job?

The large fork head has sides to it that makes picking up droppings easy, but you can also shake it to remove bedding without muck falling off the fork. I’ve found that this has means I don’t waste as much bedding compared to some other forks.

I don’t time myself mucking out but I do seem to get through this chore a little easier everyday plus tidying up the bed after mucking out is easy too with this fork.

I’ve also found that if you turn it over, it works quite well as a rake — great for tidying up bits of hay and debris out of the gravel on my yard.

The verdict

This fork is still in great condition, but when I do need to replace I won’t hesitate to replace it with another one — it’s worth every penny.

RRP £59

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