Dressage rider and trainer Antonia Brown has been using the Flex On Green Composite Stirrups for over two years, so they have been thoroughly tried and tested. Tempted to splash out on a pair? Then read on to find out what she thinks and help yourself decide if they’re the right stirrups for you.

“I’ve ridden in many different stirrups over the years, but these have been a game changer for me and I highly recommend them,” says Antonia. “Once you’ve ridden in these stirrups they will become an integral part of your riding kit.”

‘I feel much more comfortable’

I have suffered with a sore back and general aches and pains from years of riding horses. Since using these stirrups the discomfort I was feeling in my knees, ankles and back has eased considerably. I now feel much more comfortable riding a number of horses every day.

The stirrups feature two elastomer shock absorbers and a wide footbed, which really help to cushion and absorb the horse’s movement. This is a big bonus when you’re riding sitting trot on a big-moving horse.

I have found these stirrups are much kinder on my joints than others I have used. They take out any jarring, which has made riding much more comfortable again.

‘My lower leg position is better’

As well as being extremely comfortable, these stirrups also feature a number of design features that help your riding position.

The slot where you thread your stirrup leather through is slightly offset. This alters the way the stirrup hangs on the leather and really helps you maintain a good lower leg position — you don’t feel like you’re being forced into a position, the stirrups just comfortably hold you there.

The footbed is on a slight angle, which helps you ride naturally with your heel a little lower – no forcing weight into your ankle which also adds to your comfort when riding to your joints and muscles.

The wide footbed combined with the short spikes on the stirrup tread gives you a good, secure base for your feet to sit on. Even in wet conditions my feet stay securely in the stirrups.

Flexible ankles and softer knee

I’ve recommended these stirrups to many other riders and clients who I train. All have agreed with me and can feel the difference in their riding.

When I’m training riders who are using the Flex On Stirrups, I can see that their ankles are more flexible and there’s a softness in the knee. Their whole position just looks more natural and comfortable. This then allows the rider to really concentrate on the horse’s way of going.

The verdict

When a rider feels happy and secure in their position it really helps to boost their confidence and transform their riding. These stirrups aren’t cheap but the benefits you will feel are numerous and for me they are well worth the investment.

RRP £185

To find your nearest stockist visit www.flex-on.fr

Antonia Brown is based in Northamptonshire where she runs a yard with her husband Tim. They train and produce young dressage horses. Antonia has competed to the highest level in eventing but now concentrates on dressage — currently competing up to FEI Intermediate I level.  As well as training and competing her own horses, Antonia also loves training riders. She’s a BE Accredited trainer and is a UKCC Level 3 coach in dressage.