These mitts are a fabulous idea and they make drying off your horse’s legs and other parts of his body so quick and easy.


Simply pull on the mitts and you’re good to go — they come in one size but they fitted both me and my husband well.

It helps that the mitts have a bit of stretch to them, but to use them effectively you want them to fit your hands well.

I also like that the mitts extend well past your wrists so you don’t get wet while you’re using them.


The cotton towelling material is lovely and soft, and because the mitts are on your hands you can wrap them around the legs and heels and really feel what you’re doing compared to when using a normal towel.

This also helps you make sure legs are really dry.


The mitts have proved particularly useful for one of my horses who really doesn’t like drips of water on her, especially on her legs and under her tummy. She gets very irritated until all drips have gone! Using these mitts has made this process quicker and easier for me.

I’ve used the mitts throughout the summer with great success. Now the weather has changed, and I’m now washing feet and legs down to remove mud, the mitts have once again come into their own.

My mare has white legs and, in the past, has suffered from mud fever so whenever her legs are washed, I’m always very careful to make sure they are dry.

The Drying Mitts give me that piece of mind that her heels are completely dry because I can easily get to these areas.


The mitts are made from two layers of cotton towelling so they absorb water and they do get wet quite quickly, but if you need more drying time, swap the mitts over onto opposite hands (so that you use the other side) and you have a dry surface again.

They dry quickly and I have washed them a couple of times when they were grubby.

I’ve been using them for four months now and they still look like new.

Value for money

I’m impressed with the quality and they do exactly as the manufacturer claims, so for me they are worth buying.

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