Used by: Your Horse associate editor Allison Lowther

Used for: nine months

I’ve been using this rug on one of my horses for some time now. Initially, through the summer it was used mainly as a travel rug. To be fair, I didn’t see huge results to begin with. However, over the winter, my horse has been wearing this rug on a daily basis as an under rug when she’s been in her stable and for travelling.

Since using it on a more regular basis I’ve seen some really positve effects.

The horse I’ve been using it on can get quite anxious and stressed – this is heightened when she realises she’s going out in the lorry.

Now for the techy bit – a special ceramic powder is blended with the yarns of the lining fabric of this rug, which provides long lasting properties that won’t wash out. The Far Infra-Red technology works by gently increasing blood flow bringing oxygen and nutrients to muscles and promotes a faster removal of toxins leading to a more energised yet relaxed horse.

I have to say, my horse has been more relaxed since wearing this rug regularly. She’s recently had to spend a bit more time in than both of us would like due to my field being water-logged. Despite this, she seemed happier to stay in and hasn’t walked round her stable so much.

Wearing it for travelling and before lessons, she warms up quicker and has been producing much more consistent work, with increased suppleness and relaxation too.

The rug fits really nicely – it’s cut generously and fits well in front of the wither too – which I like. It’s lightweight and the mesh type fabric ensures my horse stays at a comfortable temperature in it.

It’s been washed several times and still shows no signs of wear.

This is a versatile rug, which for me has had a positive effect on my horse and I’ll continue to use it

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