The first thing that strikes you when you get your hands on an Equitex Saddle Pad is the quality – it’s really well made. I would call it a luxury saddle pad.

The Classic Dressage Pad that I’ve been using is made from TechVelvet and it’s so soft to touch but also proving to be very durable. I have been using this saddle pad five times a week for the last seven months and it still looks like new – it hasn’t faded and there are no signs of wear at all.


The saddle pad is also extremely lightweight and there are no girth straps or fixing loops.

I initially thought I might need these, but Equitex Saddle pads are guaranteed as being non-slip thanks to the unique sticky heat-sealed, graphic-grips on the top of the pad.

They definitely do the job and hold your saddle securely in place, so there’s no need for any attachments.

There’s also a generous wither clearance – I’ve not had any problems with this pad slipping down and pressing on the wither. Once it’s pulled up into the gullet of your saddle, it stays there.


Even though my mare has her saddle checked at least twice a year, I can get movement underneath that in the past has caused a little rubbing of her coat. I’ve tried a few different pads to see if they would help but no luck until I started using this one from Equitex – since then I’ve had no rubbing at all.

Under the saddle there’s 30mm of highly technical, shock-absorbing foam that cleverly adapts to your horse’s shape each time it’s worn without altering the fit of your saddle. My horse seems happy to wear the saddle pad. I can’t say it has transformed her way of going, but she appears to be comfortable.

The big thing I have noticed is that when you take the saddle pad off after work, I can see that the pad has been in even contact with my horse’s back but she hasn’t got too hot and sweaty.

It also doesn’t need to be washed that often — I give it a wipe over with a damp sponge after each use to remove any dirt and grease. The pad has been washed and it came out of the machine looking like new. It also dries really quickly, which is a bonus.

Value for money

This is a quality saddle pad and the fit of it is great, plus it’s non-slip — so it has a lot going for it.

I am, however, struggling to justify the cost of it. There’s no getting away from it, it’s expensive.

I appreciate that there’s a lot of  thought gone into the design of it.

I think of it as a saddle pad that works with your horse rather than against it, and that’s why I like it so much. If I would like another one, I’ll have to save up or sell all my other saddle pads to pay for it.

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